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Therapeutic Massages Available


Soft tissue injuries can be relieved by a combination of remedial and sports massage techniques, which can improve the blood, lymph and nerve supply to an area, aiding the healing process and reducing recovery time. A sports massage is great massage for all those aches and pains or after a long plane flight or road trip, a relaxing sports massage can be used to get relief from tight, sore or stiff muscles.

Sports Mobile Massage


A body work technique primarily for problems of the musculoskeletal system like stress, pains, sprains or muscle cramps and injuries. It can also help increase flexibility and circulation and can also help with problems like headache caused by muscular tension or fatigue.

Remedial Mobile Massage


Is more than a luxury: it’s a wonderful way to put your mind and body back in harmony. The stress and strain of everyday living will drift away as the full body swedish massage releases your physical and mental tensions. Swedish massage is the systemic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for relaxation or therapeutic purposes. A swedish massage is performed directly on the skin in a methodical manner using stroking, kneading, squeezing, friction and percussion type of movements.

Swedish Mobile Massage


Is the art of caring and treating using aromas, that is, with essential oils. Plant essences are internally absorbed to treat therapeutic needs or to alter your moods or emotions. Aromatherapy massage not only helps rejuvenation and regeneration of the human body, but also improves the harmony between mind and body. Aromatherapy: can also help with problems like aches and pains or insomnia and much more.

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Is a method of activating the healing powers of the body and is described as the science that deals with the principal that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to every organ, gland and part of the body. Healthy feet are an indispensable asset in life, they are the base of our structure and deserve the best of care. A one hour reflexology massage will do more than just rejuvenate your hands and feet, it helps re balance your body’s energy force.

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Corporate Massage

Corporate massage is a massage therapy that is usually performed in 10, 15 or 20 minute treatments. Onsite massage can be done in your office, at a company or corporate event or a residence, a quiet room or surroundings with relaxation music is the ideal environment for maximum benefit. Using a specially designed ergonomic massage chair, for a corporate massage all employees or clients remain fully clothed and no oil is used. We can also provide 30 min or 1hr relaxation or deep tissue massages using a portable massage therapy table.

Corporate  Mobile Massage


Sports massage and Pre and Post Event massage

Whether you enjoy recreational sport or you are a professional athlete, the many benefits of sports massage can help you gain that competitive edge while enjoying yourself at the same time.

Massage can help enhance performance by:

  • prepare the body for activity
  • help decrease level of injury severity
  • facilitate stretching
  • decrease recovery time
  • assist in flexibility
  • increase endurance
  • help prevent injury
  • extend an athletes career

You to can join the growing number of athletes from around the world who are discovering the many benefits of massage, So don’t delay phone us today and let the benefits begin.

Corporate  Mobile Massage


Lymphatic massage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a specific massage designed to work on and with the lymphatic system in the body. All massage strokes have a circular or spiral motion to “ scoop ” and guide the flow and direction within the superficial lymph layer, therefore the pressure is very light about 60 grams or ( the weight of a chickens egg ). With this you are improving the general lymphatic circulation, cell building, removal of wastes and on a broader level improvements with pain, relaxation and metabolic functions.

Corporate  Mobile Massage


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